1.      It is the policy of Accent Multilingual Services (referred to as AMS) to select linguists who, to the best knowledge of AMS, are fully conversant within the field of the subject matter to be translated so as to achieve a high standard of accuracy and to professionally proof read the complete work before presentation to the client.

2.      AMS assures the client that all written material, drawings, photographs and information passed to AMS for translation and/or as background information will be treated as strictly confidential and under no circumstances will AMS attempt to gain from such information received and/or transfer such information to other parties in the knowledge that they may gain in any way whatsoever. Provided AMS in each case takes reasonable steps to ensure all information received from a client is kept confidential then AMS cannot be held liable for loss and/or damage howsoever arising.

3.      Translations of texts intended for publication or use abroad should be sent to the client's representative or contact in the country concerned for comment before being committed to print. All amendments and suggestions can then be sent to AMS to insert them into the document where the translator sees fit within a period of 15 days (may vary according to length of document).

4.      The style used by the translator may not fit in with the corporate style, image etc. used in that country, or the contact or representative abroad may be accustomed to different terminology, although with the same meaning as is used by the translator. Especially in the case of advertising, marketing and PR texts a translation of the English text should be regarded as a basis on which writers/users in that country may write their own copy.

5.      No responsibility can be accepted for translation of individual items without adequate context or description, or for non-standard abbreviations without adequate explanation, or abbreviations such as are drawn up by the client for his own use.

6.      No responsibility can be accepted for texts printed by others without proofs being submitted to the translator for checking, even when supplied on disk. It is recommended that the proofs and the illustrated source text are returned for checking before a translated text is finally committed to print.

7.      The translator undertakes to translate and provide continuous text and takes no responsibility for layout tasks such as insertion of tables, graphics or formatting. At its discretion and in order to clarify meaning AMS may follow the layout but where a client insists on a particular layout which involves additional work this will be charged on a time spent basis.

8.      Upon acceptance of completed work presented by AMS a period of 30 days is granted in which the client may review the work and confirm acceptance of accuracy. After this period AMS cannot be held responsible to alter the work in any way and further changes are therefore chargeable.